Deck Painting

A beautifully crafted deck often becomes the centerpiece of an outdoor space. However, constant exposure to harsh weather elements can diminish its aesthetic appeal over time. Fear not, because Plymouth MA Painting is here to help with all your deck painting needs. We’re proficient with every type of deck material and can give your wood deck the facelift it deserves.

Start Painting Your Deck with Plymouth MA Painting

Are you ready to start painting your deck? Well, it’s not just about dipping a paint roller into a bucket and rolling it out on your deck floor. The process is much more nuanced. Plymouth MA Painting can assist you with each step to achieve a seamless paint job.

Before we apply paint, we thoroughly inspect your existing deck to gauge the state of the existing paint. We’re particularly observant of peeling paint, as it often harbors the old deck paint. If the old paint is still adhering strongly to the wood surface, we might opt to paint over it. But mostly, we’ll prefer to strip it off to expose the bare wood underneath.

Deck Preparation is Key to a Beautiful Deck

The first step to a beautiful deck involves preparation. In the case of previously painted decks, we examine the current paint to ensure there’s no old paint lurking beneath the surface. With a paint scraper or wire brush, we’ll remove the flaky old paint, paying particular attention to deck boards and ensuring we’re moving in the same direction as the wood grain.

For most decks, especially an old deck or older deck, using a pressure washer or power washer is the most efficient way to remove the old deck paint. Plymouth MA Painting is fully equipped with high-quality power washers that get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Neglect the Importance of Deck Repairs

Once the deck is clean and dry, we inspect it for any damaged boards. If we discover unsightly stains or rough edges on a few boards, we make use of exterior wood putty to fill the imperfections. In cases where a wood deck is extremely deteriorated, replacing the old boards is the most practical solution.

After the repairs, we sand the deck boards using a sanding sponge or power sander to ensure a smooth finish. Sanding not only helps to smooth out the rough edges but also opens up the wood grain, enhancing the penetration of the deck paint or deck stain.

Applying Paint with Precision

Once the preparation phase is complete, we start painting your deck. But first, we apply a separate primer especially if we’re using an oil based paint or water based paint. We prefer an acrylic based paint or mildew resistant type because they offer excellent adhesion and durability.

For the actual painting, we utilize a paint roller attached to an extension pole. This tool allows us to evenly apply paint across your deck, ensuring no uneven finish. We’re careful to roll the paint in the same direction as the wood grain, achieving a uniform look that highlights the natural grain of the wood deck.

To get the best results on how much paint to use per square foot of your deck, we consider the type of deck paint we’re using, whether it’s an oil based paint or water based paint. Regardless, we ensure a smooth, even application to avoid an uneven finish.

Deck Paints: The Finish Matters

There’s a wide array of deck paints in the market, but we carefully select the best paint for your specific deck. Whether you’re keen on a high gloss, semi gloss finish, or semi transparent finish, we’ve got you covered. Your preference can dramatically change the look of your painted decks, making the selection process crucial.

Caring for Newly Painted Decks

After we paint a deck, it’s essential to let the paint dries properly before using the deck again. The drying time can vary based on the type of paint used and the prevailing weather conditions. Moreover, if you’ve opted for a new deck or replaced a few deck boards, you might need to wait a little longer before the paint dries completely.

Experience the Expertise of Professional Painters

Our professional painters at Plymouth MA Painting are skilled in deck painting. They know exactly how much paint to apply to each square foot of your deck to ensure an even coat. They’re experts at dealing with the intricacies of deck material, from the process of removing old deck paint with a wire scrub brush or pressure washer, to choosing the perfect paint or stain for your deck. They’ll even help you avoid painting a deck when it’s not suitable to do so.

Our crew always keeps the work area clean, utilizing drop cloths and plastic sheets to protect the surrounding areas from paint drips. They’ll also use painter’s tape to secure these coverings and to create sharp lines where necessary.

Your Deck Painting Project in Good Hands

Your painting project deserves the best, and that’s what we at Plymouth MA Painting provide. From assessing your existing deck to deciding whether to paint or stain, we take every step seriously. We’ll even consider the finer details, such as checking for protruding nails that could hinder the painting a deck process.

Transform Your Outdoor Space Today

Rejuvenating your deck with new paint is the perfect way to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you’re dealing with an existing deck, a new deck, or even an older deck with old boards, Plymouth MA Painting can transform it into a stunning outdoor feature.

From deck painting to choosing the right paint or stain, we’re here to help. Our expertise covers all facets of painting a deck, including the prep work of removing old paint with paint scrapers or a pressure washer. We also know just how much paint your deck will need.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to enhance your deck and your outdoor living space, give Plymouth MA Painting a call at 508-213-8283. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make your deck painting project a success.